13 year old + 


BALLET / Southern Federation of Dance Method (SFD)

Ballet forms the technical foundation for all other styles of dance and can be taken as an introductory and/or supplementary class, or as a style to be mastered on its own. The SFD principles of grace, breath and line form the basis of a sound training syllabus that has been developed to meet the needs of today’s modern child – teaching coordination, poise, breath, correct technique, confidence, rhythmical sense and musicality in a nurturing and warm environment . Students may choose to work towards exams in this style, but it is not compulsory.

13+ Ballet Advanced 

 Wednesday 6:45pm – 7:45pm



Lyrical dance is often performed to music that is typically emotionally charged and expressive, with lyrics that inspire dancers’ movements and expressions. Based on ballet technique, lyrical (or contemporary) encourages free expression, release, emotion, abstract concepts and versatility.

13+ Lyrical/Contemporary Advanced 

Tuesday 6:00pm – 7:00pm

hip hop

Hip Hop is an upbeat, urban style of dance that is forever evolving. This high-energy class is choreographed to hip hop, rap, funk and pop sounds, focusing on musicality and rhythm. Get low and hit hard with our all-style hip hop classes and learn how to flow and release in your movements.

Hip Hop Advanced 13+ 

Tuesday 7:00pm – 8:00pm


Jazz dance provides the opportunity to showcase a dancer’s individual style and originality. This style is fun, fast-paced and energetic, consisting of unique moves, big leaps, quick turns and endless style. It features a mix of fluid, dynamic and sharp movements.

13+ Jazz Advanced 

Tuesday 8:00pm – 9:00pm


Tap dance is a form of dance characterised by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Work on your rhythm while improving your tap technique with our classes designed to showcase a spectrum of styles from traditional jazz and Broadway to more modern pop and funk variations.

Tap 13+ Advanced

Wednesday 5:45pm – 6:45pm

aerial artistry

Build strength, confidence and creative expression while building an aerial skill set. Beginner classes will include introduction to the basics using hammocks. Advanced classes will explore new skills, tricks and drops using aerial apparatus including silks/tissue, and lyra/aerial hoop.

Aerial 12+

Wednesday 7.15pm – 8.15pm

Thursday 7.15pm – 8.15pm


Build the strength needed to advance in to your first pair of Pointe shoes. Once in your pointe shoes, learn safe and correct technique to continue to grow in your pointe work.


Wednesday 8:15pm – 9:00pm

open troupe

 Competition teams are available but not compulsory. These teams are by invite only.

Wednesday 4:45pm – 5:45pm


ballet technique

Ballet technique is a wonderful opportunity to really hone your already sound technical abilities.
This class will take your technique to the next level and build greater progression and strength.


Ballet Technique 12+

Wednesday 4:15pm – 4:45pm

musical theatre

Learn how to become the ultimate triple threat in this class! Musical theatre is all about enhancing your dance skills while also working on your singing and acting techniques to make sure you are audition and stage ready. 

13+ Musical Theatre Advanced

 Tuesday 4:00pm – 4:45pm