Kristy grew up in Warragul, dancing at Carol’s Academy of Dance from the age of 5. It was always her dream to fulfil a career in dance and she was able to live out that dream when going on to study full-time and perform with Bartuccio’s School of Dance in Melbourne after graduating from Carol’s in Warragul.

After enjoying a successful dance career spanning many cities and disciplines, Kristy went on to teach throughout Victoria and Queensland, focusing on what it takes for a young dancer to be ready for a professional performance career. She knows that being a great technician isn’t necessarily enough to make it in the industry. It takes emotion, passion, soul-searching and digging deep within to draw upon experiences to make a performance stand out and demand the audience’s attention, beyond a painted-on smile!

Kristy has been instrumental in cultivating the dance culture in Warragul, returning to her hometown in 2010 with her young family. Kristy taught here in Warragul for 10 years before Industry Studios was born in 2018. She has curated an expert team of professionals to teach, mentor, advise and inspire her students, and to compliment her already outstanding methods of teaching.

She has mentored and taught numerous students who have gone on to work professionally in the dance industry, or have been accepted into prestigious full-time performance arts courses. Nothing gives Kristy more pride than seeing her students thrive and excel in their chosen field, whether it be dance, performing arts or otherwise.

Kristy’s unconditional love of dance and her ability to identify and ignite the spark in her students is what makes her the perfect Artistic Director of Industry Studios, and she is thrilled to welcome you all.